Phase I: Idea Inception

Our priority is to carry out your dream home through idea germination. From there we assemble a team partnering with an architect and interior designer. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships with foster with the most elite architects and interior designers. We will provide introductions as we match you with the best fit to carry out your vision.

Phase II: Design

Through the custom home building process, our team and partners on the project will design and conceptualize your vision down to every paint color, cabinets, light fixtures, and more. Our clients remain in control as they are the ones to sign off on all of the specifications before moving into the development phase.

Phase III: Development

Now it is time to see the framing, concrete, drywall, and everything else go in to create your physical home! Then comes in the flooring, cabinetry, glass, appliances, and furniture installation. Every detail is accounted for to. make. your dream home move-in ready. We even make sure to retail that curb appeal by working with the best landscape architects, pool designers, etc.

Phase IV: Move In

After going through the close out and punchlist items, it is time for you to move into your dream home! Our relationship does not end with you there as we stick by our clients to ensure that everything exceeds your expectations as quality is our standard.


We are with you every step of the way to create your ultimate luxury Home

Curated — High End— Luxury

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GENOVA From your ideas and dreams to planning, creating blueprints, construction and handing you the keys, Genova Construction Development is with you through every stage of creating your custom dream home. We are more than just a builder—we are passionate about what we do and we are dedicated to building one-of-a-kind homes that truly reflect your individual style and hard-earned success.